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Daypower HVLS (High Volume Low Speed) Ceiling fans that  provide massive natural air movement, giving you wide-range coverage cooling at minimal expense because high-volume low-speed (HVLS) fans use less energy and are quieter than conventional high-speed fans. By using our fans, you will reduce your carbon footprint and create a comfortable environment at minimal cost. Vibration and noise are two of the most crucial things in fan applications, but with HVLS fans, you don't need to worry about that anymore. The good thing is that our fans have a longer life span and operate continuously with high efficiency. Besides providing a comfortable cooling system, our products are trendy in the industrial, commercial, and agricultural (farming and livestock) sectors.


  • Diameter options from 8- 24 feet

  • Six patented airfoils with winglets

  • Digital VFD controller, IE2, IP55
  • Imported Germany motor, IE2, IP55 for indoor or outdoor use.

  • The design principal of permanent magnet synchronization eliminates gear deceleration and wear energy consumption the output efficiency is up to 80%, and the torque is up to 310N.m

  • Simple Structure, low noise, no running hazard and maintenance-free.

  • 1 year mechanical warranty & 1 year electrical

Control System

Digital inverter:

1. No position vector control, anti-electromagnetic interference, anti-radiation, small size, light weight.

2. Protect level in IP55, passing UL, EMC, ROHS certificates.

3. Safety & Protection: over-load, over-current, cutting off the power automatically in emergency situation.


Patented Airfoil Blades

High quality magnesium alumonum-copper-zinc alloy to solid light solid and stable.  sets reinforcing rib supports system inside, enhance the  strength of fan blades and avoid sagging of fan tail and  fatigue loss of connecting components completely. Blade surface is treated with natural color antisepsis and oxidation, and then powder spraying was carried out. By curing at a high temperature of nearly 200 degree, a film of 70°”£gm is formed on the surface of fan blade, which is smooth, delicate, beautiful and easy to clean. 




°@ °@ °@ °@
Diameter :


15 FT

24 FT

°@ °@
No. of Blade :




°@ °@
Power (kw) :


0.75 1.5 °@ °@
Max Speed (RPM) :

0 - 82

0 - 68 0 - 57 °@ °@
Max Air Volume (m³/min) :


7800 14600 °@ °@
Input :


220V 220/380V °@ °@
Weight (kgs) :


78 94 °@ °@


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