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Product selection is made easier by our regularly produced technical catalogues, showing a wide choice of Cromwell branded products to enable the customer to select the most suitable product for the application.


Industrial Supplies 2015 Edition 8 Catalogue

Introduction & IndexCutting ToolsAbrasives and Power ToolsPrecision & Laboratory EquipmentWorkshop EquipmentHand toolsFastenersLubricants & Chemical ProductsOffice Supplies & StationeryWeldingMaintenance & Personal ProtectionService & Support
Introduction & IndexIntroduction & Index

About us, how to pay, branch locations, company profile and full alphabetical index.

Download PDF publication DOWNLOAD COMPLETE PDF (29 pg / 2.29 MB)
Cutting tools
Cutting ToolsProduct Groups 005-154

Drilling, Milling, Turning, Reaming, Grooving, Threading, Metal Cutting, Die & Mould Tools etc.

This section contains everything required to cut and machine whatever material you're working on. You will find dimensional specifications, recommended speeds and feed tables and carbide insert selection guides to help you select the correct tool for the job.

Abrasives and Power ToolsAbrasives and Power tools
Product Groups 200-295

Filing, Deburring, Descaling, Sanding, Cutting & Grinding, Finishing & Polishing etc.

Whether you are working on site, in manufacturing, or doing DIY at home, make sure you look through this section for the latest offers on a great range of abrasives, duburring, air and powertools.

Precision & Laboratory EquipmentPrecision & Laboratory Equipment
Product Groups 300-372

Mechanical & Non-Mechanical Gauges, Test Gauges, Optical Equipment, Inspection, Workholding etc.

Inside you'll find all the inspection, optical and measuring equipment you require to ensure quality standards and manufacturing tolerances are adhered to throughout the production process.

Workshop EquipmentWorkshop equipment
Product Groups 400-495

Arbors, Clamps, Racks, Storage Bins, Cabinets, Cupboards & Benches, Workstations etc.

We're able to offer you a vast range of storage solutions and workbenches from World Renowned Brands like Kennedy®, Senator® and Matlock™. If you're machining or welding you'll need to clamp the workpiece in place and we have all the fixturing components, toggle clamps, chucks/arbors and coolant hoses that you need.

Automotive Tools, Wrenches, Sockets, Spanners, Chisels, Files, Hammers, Knives, Lubrication Equipment, Riveters, Construction Tools, Gardening Tools, Carpentry Tools, Soldering and Electrical Equipment, Tape Measures, Scaffolding Tools, Safety Tools etc.
Get your hands on some of the best kit around. It's all here from hammers to screwdrivers and from spanners to saws - everything you need to get the job done successfully.
Product Groups 600-671
Adhesives, Thinners, Solvents, Coolants, Hot Dip Coatings, Lubricants, Food Lubricants, Greases, Spill Control Systems, Storage Containers, Markers, Paints, Repair Compounds etc.

If you need to fasten it together we can help with bolts, screws, nuts, grommets and O-rings that are all available in bulk or as handy fix-it kits. An essential for any maintenance toolbox!

Lubricants & Chemical ProductsLubricants & Chemical Products
Product Groups 708-780
Adhesives, Thinners, Solvents, Coolants, Hot Dip Coatings, Lubricants, Greases, Paints, Repair Compounds etc
Sticking, sealing, painting, lubricating, greasing, degreasing and cleaning¡K Whatever you¡¦re looking to do, you¡¦ll find exactly the product you want in this section

Lubricants & Chemical ProductsJanitorial & Hygiene 
Product Groups 780-952
Adhesives, Thinners, Solvents, Coolants, Hot Dip Coatings, Lubricants, Greases, Paints, Repair Compounds etc.

All the essentials for ensuring a pleasant, clean and hygienic working environment - from hand and skin care for washrooms, workshops and production processes through to air fresheners, disinfectants, floor cleaners and polishers.

Office Supplies & StationeryOffice Supplies & Packaging
Product Groups 787-982

Paper, Pens, Files, Furniture, Filing, Boxes, Folders, Staplers, Office Machines, Consumables, Toners, Packing and Packaging Materials, Envelopes, Clocks, Safes, Computer/IT supplies etc.

What every well-functioning office needs - from mouse mats to screen cleaners, flash drives to filing products, packaging tape to note pads and all things in between.


WeldingProduct Groups 880-891

Welding Materials, TIG, MIG, MAG, ARC, MMA, Plasma, Protective Clothing, Welding Rods, Arrestors, accessories and spares etc.

TIG, Mig, Arc and gas welding machines, consumables, safety equipment and workwear can all be found in this section.

Product Groups 904-996

Storage cabinets, padlocks, hazard tape, spill kits, fire extinguishers, site signage, first aid kits etc.

Looking after premises and personnel is an essential part of any successful business and we have an extensive range of products on hand to help you do just that ¡V from spill control to fire safety, and from floor matting to traffic management.

Maintenance & Personal ProtectionMaintenance & Personal Protection
Product Groups 904-996

Goggles, Helmets, Gloves, Ear Protectors, Boots, Shoes, Workwear, Fall Arrest Equipment, Eye Wash, Hi-Vis clothing etc.
This section is all about keeping safe with an extensive selection of workwear and equipment designed to offer effective and comfortable protection. Choose from Sitesafe®, TuffSafe® and Kennedy® safety wear and much, much more.

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Industrial Supplies Catalogue 2015
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