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  K600 - K750

General Features
Thanks to its easy fitting it is very quick and simple to connect accessories.
The incorporated detergent tank has a capacity of 15 lt (the biggest in its range).
Plastic material, highly resistant assures protection from corrosion.
Particularly useful for washing agricultural machines and equipment, garages, cages, tanks and stables, but also for doing quick jobs in small factories, dockyards.
Ideal for removing paint, sandblasting or for cleaning yards, pools, and garden furniture.
All models are available with TOTAL STOP that allows the automatic shut down of the cleaner.
Standard Equipment
Gun and lance with swivel
High pressure hose
Model Max flow rate  l/h Max pressure bar Voltage Absorbed power Motor power R.P.M. Weight Dimensions
K600 15/170T 900 170 400 (3-50Hz) 5.5KW 7.5CV 4KW 5,5CV 1400 48 kg 76x48x87 cm
K750 15/210T 900 210 400 (3-50Hz) 7.5KW 10.2CV 5.5KW 7,5CV 1400 58 kg 76x48x90 cm